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Arbeitsgemeinschaft Berufsständischer Versorgungseinrichtungen


Insured risk(s)/benefits

Invalidity benefits, Old-Age pensions, Survivors benefits

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 Luisenstraße 17, 10117 Berlin European Representation: 40 rue Montoyer B-1000 Brussel/Bruxelles
 0049 30 80093 100 European representation: +32 2 318 16 02
 0049 30 80093 029

Aim, structure and tasks of the organization

    ABV is the umbrella organisation of the 89 existing pension scheme providers for the academic liberal professions in Germany (berufsständische Versorgungswerke), which – as special systems for the liberal professions of doctors, pharmacists,architects, notaries, lawyers, tax consultants and tax agents, veterinary doctors,public accountants and sworn auditors, dentists, psychological psychotherapists and engineers, organized in professional associations (Kammern) – ensure the provision of compulsory old-age and disablement pensions as well as pensions for surviving dependents. The professional pension schemes of the liberal professions provide benefits as a compulsory system based on public law within the first pillar of the system of social security in Germany and are therefore coordinated by the European regulation 883/2004.

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