ESIP welcomes the Health Council Conclusions

The EU Health Ministers during their meeting on 16 June adopted their Council Conclusions on "Encouraging Member States-driven Voluntary Cooperation between Health Systems". 

ESIP welcomes these Conclusions as a major step forward to fostering voluntary cooperation between Member States to support the sustainability of health systems.

ESIP welcomes the invitation for voluntary sharing of "information on and within pricing agreements relating to medicinal products" as a means to increased transparency. This enhanced transparency, as advocated by ESIP in several of its position papers, will facilitate access to innovative high-quality, value-added medicines and will give Member States more bargaining power when negotiating with the pharmaceutical industry. ESIP also supports the invitation to Member States to explore solutions to better anticipate the potential challenges of emerging technologies through joint horizon scanning, as well as to share information post-market authorisation to evaluate the impact a new technology has had on patients and health systems as part of a life-cycle approach. The Council would also like to explore areas where voluntary cross-border collation of data would be beneficial for example in the case of orphan diseases which ESIP considers essential.

ESIP will remain attentive to the follow-up of the Council Conclusions and lend its support to the pursuit of voluntary cooperation between health systems to ensure sustainable and equitable access to high-quality, high-value health technologies.