ESIP calls for an unambiguous legal framework

On 13 December 2016, the European Commission submitted a Proposal to revise the EU’s legal provisions on the coordination of the social security systems. More specifically, changes were proposed to the coordination of long-term care benefits, of particular relevance for ESIP Members.

ESIP explicitly welcomes the proposal as it aims to make the complex coordinating legislation fairer, more user friendly and easier to enforce, and also to prevent fraud. 

Within the proposal, ESIP supports in particular the introduction of a definition of long-term care benefits as it brings clarification for citizens and institutions.

However, ESIP believes that the introduction of a separate chapter would make procedures considerably more complex for insured persons.

Instead, ESIP is in favour of creating an unambiguous legal framework through the inclusion of specific provisions on long-term care benefits within the existing chapter on sickness benefits.

Find out more in ESIP's full statement