ESIP responds to the public consultation on the European Social Security Number

On 27 November 2017, the European Commission launched a public consultation on future proposals for a European Labour Authority and a European Social Security Number. Despite the limited time frame of this consultation, ESIP responded to the consultation as these initiatives have a major impact on statutory social security systems as first actors concerned.

Regarding the European Labour Authority (ELA), ESIP welcomes the role it could play to support cross- border cooperation in exchanging best practices. Yet a distinction of competences between the future ELA and the existing Administrative Commission for the coordination of Social Security systems is necessary as well as the possible coordination between the two structures.

Regarding the European Social Security Number (ESSN), ESIP welcomes the objective of facilitating the identification of persons in cross-border situations and the verification of their coverage status. Yet it remains to be determined if the introduction of the ESSN is necessary, taking into account its advantages as a supportive tool.

For some Members, the unambiguous identification of persons for social security purposes is necessary a more efficient communication and through data exchange tool, in the context of the Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information (EESSI). Others propose a single European identification code using blockchain technology to facilitate exchanges of information.

For both initiatives, it is essential to conduct a proper budgetary impact assessment and ensure adequate data protection. ESIP will continue to follow-up on this issue and to act as the voice of statutory social insurers.

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