Joint statement of EU public health stakeholders

Current pharmaceutical prices are set at levels that come at the expense of the access for patients and the sustainability of healthcare systems. As a result, a reflection on fair medicines has gained traction over the past years. A coalition of 12 European and international organisations, including ESIP, put forward recommendations for the EU to reach fairer drug pricing.

The consortium calls for a rethinking of pricing models and stronger EU support of cooperation between Member States.The focus on medicines affordability within the public consultation on the future Pharmaceutical Strategy Europe is particularly welcome.

Increased transparency of medicine prices, in particular regarding the costs of research and development in order to allow public return on public investment. The signatories invite the European Commission to reinforce the EURIPID database in that end.

Transparency, as well as accessibility and affordability, should also be ensured in public-private partnerships and public research funding for pharmaceuticals. Specific clauses to that effect should be included in the successor to the IMI as well as other EU programmes supporting R&D in pharmaceuticals. Priorities should also be set according to public health needs. 

In order to prevent abuses of dominant position that lead to high prices, a review of pharmaceutical incentives should be included in the upcoming Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe. In particular, abuses of incentives identified under the Orphan Medicinal Products Regulation should be tackled.

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