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Aim, structure and tasks of the organization

    The Federation Agirc-Arrco supervises the implementation of Agirc-Arrco complementary pension scheme in compliance with a national collective agreement complemented by social security law. Agirc-Arrco is in charge of 58 million pension accounts corresponding to careers in the private sector in France. The Agric-Arrco pension scheme paid out 79 billion euros to 13 million pensioners in 2019 representing 25% of pensions financed on a pay-as-you-go basis in France. It is governed by social partners with a long-term and result-driven perspective, both in terms of strict financial balance and services. The Agirc-Arrco's structures present all over France are dedicated to efficiency (with quality and cost control) in order to provide services to companies, workers, pensioners and their relatives (caregivers, survivors).

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