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The impact of digitalisation on our societies has been widely discussed across the European Union and has been at the heart of concerns within the European institutions through several legislative initiatives, as well as the topic of intensive debate.

Its specific impact on social security systems remains a more confidential topic at EU level which led the European Social Insurance Platform, to gather national experts and EU policy-makers to further discuss these issues during an interactive conference on E-social security:anticipating the future

The conference will adress three main aspects of the impact of digitalisation on social security systems: the consequences of digitalisation for the services provided to the insured and changing expectations, for the administration of social security institutions and the digitalisation of work.

A first panel session will invite EU level policymakers to exchange with national social security experts to discuss the broad trends regarding digitalisation in social security.

Participants will then be invited to attend up to three of the following workshops and identify the opportunities of digital tools, challenges and risks for social security as well as the action needed at EU and national level: 

Digital tools for the exchange of information between national social security institutions / Moderation: Elise Debiès, Director of International Relations, CNAV

Find out more in the scoping paper

Digital tools for the prevention and fight against fraud and error / Moderation: Maarten Van Zeben, International Relations manager, SVB

Find out more in the scoping paper

New forms of work and their impact on social security / Moderation: François Perl, General Director of the Claims Service, INAMI-RIZIV

Find out more in the scoping paper

E-services: social security online / Moderation: Steven Janssen, General Director, Sigedis

Find out more in the scoping paper

Digital transformation of health and care / Moderation: Martin Meissnitzer, Head of EU Office, HVB

Find out more in the scoping paper

See also the programme and background information. We look forward to lively exchanges!