Health Insurance Committee

The Committee provides a forum for exchange on national & international policies impacting on national social health insurers and health systems. It monitors and advocates on behalf of the social health insurers (payers) on EU legislative & non-legislative initiatives and provides expert input to EU working groups & fora dealing with issues of relevance to the provision of social health care e.g. pharmaceuticals, medical devices, HTA, cross-border health care, e-/ m-health, patient safety and quality.

Marina Schmidt

Coordinator: Marina Schmidt, Representative Statutory Health Insurance, German Social Insurance European Representation

Family & Social Inclusion Committee

This Committee covers two aspects that may interact with one another. First, the committee deals with family policy issues including childcare facilities and services, parental support, changes in family patterns or family benefits. Secondly, it also follows social inclusion topics such as the fight against poverty, especially through family poverty or poverty at work, minimum income or activation measures. It provides a forum to exchange practices and analysis on EU initiatives that can impact on its members. It contributes also to the elaboration of positions on such EU initiatives as well as participating to European projects (i.e. European reconciliation package).

Audrey Tourniaire

Coordinator: Audrey Tourniaire, Representation of French Social Security  Institutions to the European Union

Pension Insurance Committee

The Pension Committee provides a forum for exchange on national & european policies impacting on national statutory pension insurers. It monitors and advocates on EU legislative & non-legislative initiatives and provides expertise in the field of retirement provision and portability, pension topics related to the introduction of a European Pillar of Social Rights, EU pension information, flexible/ part-time retirement and work incomes, impact of immigration on national and EU pension statutory systems and information on ongoing pension reforms.


Disability & Rehabilitation Committee

The Committee is a dynamic platform that permits exchanges of information on common activities of the institutions managing rehabilitation and reintegration services and promoting the accessibility of people with disabilities. The Committee also provides expert input to the European institutions on questions related to disabilities and rehabilitation. Topics that are discussed include among others rehabilitation and return to work strategies in national social security organisations, the European Disability Strategy, the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Coordinator: Stefani Wolfgarten, Representative Statutory Accident Insurance, German Social Insurance European Representation

EurelPro Committee

The Committee is a forum for representatives of statutory liberal professions schemes. The Committee exchanges on the functionning of national systems of among others retirement schmes for liberal professions governed by the European coordination rules. The Committee monitors European policies impacting on these schemes including the revision of social security coordination, the proposed services package, the European Pillar of Social Rights, the EESSI and the Eurogroup's benchmarking of pension sustainability. 

Coordinator: Isolde Fastner, German pension schemes of the liberal professions for members of professional associations (ABV)