Health News

Coordination of long-term care benefits 05-01-2018


ESIP calls for an unambiguous legal framework

On 13 December 2016, the European Commission submitted a Proposal to revise the EU’s legal provisions on the coordination of the social security systems. More specifically, changes were proposed to the coordination of long-term care benefits, of particular relevance for ESIP Members.

Digital Health and Social Insurance 10-10-2017


Tackling the financial and regulatory challenges of digital healthcare

What can social insurers do to maximise potential benefits of digital transformation of health and care while ensuring the sustainability of their systems?

EMA-healthcare payers first joint meeting 28-09-2017


ESIP and other healthcare payers strengthen cooperation with EMA

On September 19, ESIP took part with other representatives of healthcare payers in the first joint meeting of European healthcare payers with the European Medicines Agency (EMA). 

Voluntary cooperation of health systems 16-06-2017


ESIP welcomes the Health Council Conclusions

The EU Health Ministers during their meeting on 16 June adopted their Council Conclusions on "Encouraging Member States-driven Voluntary Cooperation between Health Systems". 

Universal Access to Health 27-04-2017


ESIP presents social insurers’ views on Universal Access to Health

ESIP’s president Arnaud Emériau presented the viewpoint of statutory social insurers on how to improve access to healthcare during the conference Universal Access: How can we contribute?, organised by Medicines for Europe.


Medical Devices Regulation 05-04-2017


ESIP welcomes the adoption of the new EU Regulation on medical devices

Today the European Parliament adopted the new Regulations on Medical devices and in vitro diagnostics, ending the five year legislative process. ESIP welcomes this achievement.

Personalised Medicine: ESIP takes a stand 16-02-2017


ESIP publishes its position paper

The development of personalised medicine is promoted by the EU institutions, calling for a patient-centred approach to health care. In order to deliver on this approach, ESIP brings forward four policy recommendations in their paper.

Health Technology Assessment 19-01-2017


ESIP responds to the Commission's Public Consultation on Health Technology Assessment

In its response to the Public Consultation on Strengthening cooperation on Health Technology Assessment (HTA), ESIP welcomes the prospect of continuing voluntary cooperation in the field.

Open access to clinical data 21-10-2016


Healthcare payers welcome the access given by EMA to clinical data for new medicines for human use.

Transparency is essential to allow better access to safe, high-quality medicines with real patient relevant benefit. ESIP particularly welcomes EMA’s release of clinical reports on new medicines for human use that have been granted market authorisation in the European Union.

Standardisation of health and social services 15-09-2016


ESIP and AIM oppose recent developements in standardisation of health and social services

Today, ESIP and AIM voiced its concerns in an open letter to the relevant authorities at EU and national level regarding standardisation of health and social services.