ESIP feedback to the Green Paper on Ageing

ESIP shares the Commission’s opinion highlighted in its roadmap on the Green Paper on Ageing that the demographic change Europe faces requires a high-level policy debate on its long-term impact on social protection systems, especially care and pensions systems. To better evaluate the impact of ageing, the availability and comparability of data in the EU should be enhanced. In addition, the EU’s actions through the Green Paper on Ageing and possible follow-up initiatives should foster synergies with other EU strategies and policies and provide financing opportunities. 


To manage the reduction and ageing of the working population, people should be enabled to work longer, in accordance with principle 10 of the European Pillar of Social Rights. For this, lifelong healthcare provision and a culture of health promotion and prevention should be guaranteed across the EU. More emphasis should also be put on rehabilitation and return to work strategies as a way to support individuals to safely return to work. 

ESIP also shares the view that the untapped potential of workers currently not well represented in the labour market should be better valued. The Green Paper should support the implementation of the right to work for persons with disabilities, including those who acquire a disability during the course of employment, as enshrined in the UN CRPD.

Family policies also have a key role to curb demographic change by enabling families to have the children they wish and achieve a better work-life balance. Investment in early childhood education and care allow for better participation of parents in the labour market and can help reduce the disproportionate cost of care borne by women.

Finally, to support the adequacy and sustainability of pension systems, ESIP recommends enhancing the exchange of national best practices on measures to facilitate the extension of healthy working lives. Another challenge is to ensure sufficient pension literacy from an early age. Accruing contributions as early as possible in the working life is crucial to support the financial sustainability of pension schemes and build entitlements in view of future retirement. Thus, awareness-raising events as well as the development of national pension tracking websites should be supported at EU level.

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