Pension News

Statutory coverage of digital platform workers 08-03-2017


ESIP maps national practices

New forms of work, especially platform work, have an increasing economic impact. However, uncertainties remain regarding the legal status of platform workers. Consequently, new forms of work could challenge the traditional conception of social security.

Future challenges for pensions 24-02-2017


ESIP Member ETK organises a one-day conference

ETK, the Finnish Centre for Pensions and a Member of ESIP is organising on 19 May 2017 a conference entitled “Changing labour markets, life-course and pensions”.

European Pillar of Social Rights 23-01-2017


ESIP takes part in the Commission's conference on the European Pillar of Social Rights

On 23 January 2017, the Commission organised a high-level conference on the European Pillar of Social Rights concluding the consultation process. Our Pension Committee coordinator Dr Schulz-Weidner was amongst the speakers.